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Annie is a passionate teacher and editor. She brings to the writers residency ten years of experience at some of the country's leading creative writing programs including: Columbia University School of the Arts, Barnard, Bard, Bennington, and The New School where she was nominated for a Distinguished Teaching Award. 

Annie was a Co-Founding Editor of Gigantic, a literary journal of short prose and art carried throughout the U.S. and abroad. Her debut novel WHITE NIGHTS IN SPLIT TOWN CITY, out from Tyrant Books in Summer 2016, made The New York Times Book Review’s “Short List” and has received accolades from BookForum, Interview Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Vogue, amongst many others. It is now forthcoming in several languages.

Her debut story collection in progress – CLOSEST WITHOUT GOING OVER – was shortlisted for the Mary McCarthy Prize. Stories in the collection have been translated into Latvian and Swedish and have appeared widely in the U.S. 

Annie pens an occasional nonfiction column about art, literature, film and criticism for The Believer, called “Various Paradigms.” She was the recipient of a MacDowell Fellowship.

Annie DeWitt it a novelist, short story writer and essayist.  Her work has appeared in GrantaTin House, The Believer, Guernica, Esquire, BOMB, Electric Literature, Bookforum, NOON, The LA Review of Books, The Iowa Review, The American Reader, art+culture, Catapult, The Towner, ZZYZYVA, Rhapsody Magazine, Poets and Writers, and The Faster Times, amongst others.  Annie holds a B.A. from Brown University and an M.F.A. in Fiction from Columbia School of the Arts. 

White Nights In Split Town City, her debut novel, was named one of 2016’s “Most Anticipated” debuts by The Millions. It was shortlisted by The New York Times Book Reviewas a debut novel of note. She is honored that the novel has received such generous praise: 

"“Masterful,” and “full of syntactic daring. White Nightsis the study of a failing family—how it is dismantled from within, how it is threatened by the world outside. DeWitt steers headlong into the most intimate and uncomfortable aspects of this disintegration." –BookForum

"DeWitt's novel is a powerful and haunting debut from an author who has an ear for lyricism and an eye on what is hidden just beneath the surface." –Publishers Weekly

“DeWitt’s supple observations (as when Jean examines herself in the shower, “looking for some ugliness to shed,” or imagines a home “in which the soul could forget itself between doorways”) take precedence over rote storytelling, yielding a novel notable for the delicacy of its moods. – The New York Times Book Review

"A stunning achievement that feels like a new classic in the coming of age genre, pushing the usual boundaries with every exact and envisaging sentence." –Electric Literature

"Wild, often violent, and jarringly beautiful." –Interview Magazine

"White Nights in Split Town City is the story of what it means to feel desired and plugged in to what surrounds us, and how this informs our identities from a very, young age." –Los Angeles Review of Books

"Annie DeWitt’s work represents a sort of minimalism comparable to such writers as Amy Hempel and Christine Schutt." –The Believer

"DeWitt’s first 'slender storm of a novel' White Nights in Split Town City lands on the scene with a fury worthy of a cowboy western." –The Millions

"One of the most memorable characters in contemporary fiction" – Michelle Filgate, LitHub & National Book Critics Circle Member

"Annie DeWitt writes as if she’s seized by a spirit. She takes us to the strange and stirring depths of language and shows us how we really feel. A bold, word-drunk novel by a wonderful new writer." – Ben Marcus

"Annie DeWitt's fiction, with its lush precision, its daring leaps, its sly wit and rhythmic beauty, breaks hearts and takes names and names a vivid world anew." – Sam Lipsyte

 “White Nights in Split Town City is a ferocious tumble of a book, told from the wild edge of the 90s. Follow the sharp wonder of Jean’s voice through the electrifying night of this novel and you will emerge breathless, exhilarated, changed. Annie DeWitt is a daring and spectacular new talent.” – Laura Van Den Berg

“Thirteen year-old Jean is the luminous, clear hearted voice and eyes of Annie DeWitt’s gorgeous debut novel. Though this slim novel takes place in a single summer, on a small dirt road, in a rural town—this couldn’t be a bigger or bolder story. DeWitt renders the known world with originality of language and vision. Every page of this book is surprising and wonderfully moving. – Victoria Redel

"In White Nights in Split Town City Annie Dewitt writes of a family during a single summer, both mundane and transformative. In scene after lovely and telling scene she mines the subtle emotions between mother and daughter. This is a sad and beautiful story.  I was engaged and enchanted from the first pages." – Darcey Steinke

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